- Following in Mozart's Footsteps -

Mozart - A Star is born

When one hears Salzburg, many immediately think of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, child prodigy and jack-of-all-trades.
On January 27, 1756, the now world-famous composer saw the light of day: A Star is born.

The music of the world-famous composer is omnipresent and contributes to the city's success story to this day.

Let's walk together in the footsteps of the Mozart family. During the tour, I will tell you stories from the short-lived life of Salzburg’s child prodigy and delve deeper into how people lived in Mozart's time.

I will also shed some light on Mozart's hype, immortalization, and fan following that arose after Mozart's early death.

Salzburg Mozartdenkmal

Route: Mozart Square - Residence Square - Old Market - University Square - Getreidegasse - Mirabell Gardens

  • What's the deal with the famous kick?
  • Who were the women in Mozart's life?
  • What was on the menu in the Mozart household?
Meeting point: Mozart Square in front of the Mozart statue
Duration of the tour: approx. 2 hours
Preis: 175 Euro

Add-on tour package:
On our way through the Old Town we will pass by Mozart's birthplace on Getreidegasse and Mozart's residence at Makartplatz. If you would like to deepen your knowledge of the Mozart family, then why not take a detour to one of the Mozart museums.

(Entrance fees are not included in the price, please calculate approx. 1 hour extra.)

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