At the invitation of the Salzburg Foundation, renowned international artists such as Brigitte Kowanz, Stephan Balkenhol, and Erwin Wurm worked with the city of Salzburg and looked for a specific location in public spaces for their art.
This unique art project, which now includes 14 works of art, makes the hearts of art enthusiasts beat faster.

During our "Walk of Modern-Contemporary Art" through Salzburg's old town, I will show you some selected works. And along the way, we will find other art objects which sometimes are not even noticeable at first sight.

We have the following works of art in view, among others:
Anselm Kiefer: A.E.I.O.U.
Stephan Balkenhol: Sphaera and Woman in Rock
Anthony Cragg: Caldera
Jaume Plensa: Awilda
Erwin Wurm: Cucumbers
Brigitte Kowanz: Beyond Recall

When one hears Salzburg, many immediately think of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, child prodigy and jack-of-all-trades.
On January 27, 1756, the now world-famous composer saw the light of day: A Star is born.

The music of the world-famous composer is omnipresent and contributes to the city's success story to this day.

Let's walk together in the footsteps of the Mozart family. During the tour, I will tell you stories from the short-lived life of Salzburg’s child prodigy and delve deeper into how people lived in Mozart's time.

I will also shed some light on Mozart's hype, immortalization, and fan following that arose after Mozart's early death.

Bei dieser Stadtführung dreht sich alles um Frauen.
Und das ist auch gut so, denn die Geschichte wurde schon immer hauptsächlich von Männern geschrieben. Es wird Zeit, dass wir Frauen in der Geschichte sichtbar machen.

Ich nehme Sie mit zu Orten in der Altstadt, die eng mit den Lebensgeschichten bemerkenswerter Salzburger Frauen verbunden sind.
Wir treffen auf die Münzmeisterin Barbara Thenn und erfahren Interessantes aus dem Leben von Maria Anna Mozart , die immer im Schatten ihres genialen Bruders Wolfgang stand.
Aber auch Künstlerinnen, Politikerinnen und die Vorkämpferin der Frauenemanzipation kommen zu Wort.

Gehen wir gemeinsam auf Spurensuche und entdecken das Schicksal von Frauen, die den Lauf der Geschichte mitgeprägt haben.

Built in the Middle Ages and continuously expanded and adapted over the centuries, Hohensalzburg Fortress became an impregnable structure - a fortress of protection in the midst of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

Today, the fortress is not only impressive but also the most recognized landmark of Mozart's city, and the second most important sight after Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. I love standing on one of the mighty bastions, looking over in awe, appreciation, and wonder at this incredible city.

You have never been to Salzburg? Then it is high time! Join me on a guided tour through the old town and let yourself be enchanted by the irresistible charm of this city. Love at first sight is guaranteed!
We will pass many beautiful spots and some of my favorite places, and I am sure you too will fall head over heels in love with Salzburg.

The classic city tour includes those must-see sights: the world-famous Getreidegasse with its guild signs, the collegiate church of Fischer von Erlach or early baroque cathedral.

The tour will give you the perfect overview for further ventures.


Über die Jahrhunderte hindurch waren es die Erzbischöfe Salzburgs, die diese Stadt so nachhaltig geprägt haben. Die fürsterzbischöfliche Residenz, die neue Residenz, die zahlreichen Kirchen oder die prächtige Gartenanlage von Schloss Mirabell - sie alle sind viel bewunderte Denkmäler meiner Stadt.

This unique tour will take you up the Mönchsberg and will open up a completely new perspective. Get to know the city of Salzburg from above. The city’s bulbous hill is unique because of the Medieval city walls and gates, aging villas with stories of once prominent residents, dense birch forests, and awe-inspiring vantage points with marvellous views of my favorite city.
The Mönchsberg holds a tremendous amount of history- most of it torrid and I am happy to share them with you.

Salzburg has a special flair and in the evening it is twice as beautiful here. When the setting sun bathes the venerable buildings of the old town in a special light, my heart swells.

Together we discover the city and enjoy the evening atmosphere. And who knows, maybe we will meet one or the other dark figure in the medieval alleys?

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